miércoles, 17 de julio de 2013

Goofy me


This last year has probably been the most stressful yet. Regardless of how little I write and post on this blog, it is something that has also been reflected here. However, most of what has been going on for the past few months (and the fast four years, as a matter of fact!) is coming to an end.
Fear? Yes, undoubtedly, but also the conscience that what’s to come is going to be the best yet. I have graduated from law school, I am still working at the same law firm, but that is coming to an end too. And tones of the decisions will have to be made on the following weeks (also decisions about this blog, I won't lie to you, closing it definitely was an option, but I have decided otherwise, you will see changes!). All of the efforts and hard work are paying off (more on that later) and I couldn’t be happier, I know I did my best and now I am seeing the results, but for now, and despite the uncertainty of the future, I am trying to finally unwind a little and enjoy the spare moments that I have.
Last Friday, we went to el Parc de la Ciutadella after work and had a picnic on the grass. For the occasion, and despite the warm weather, I was wearing jeans, an extremely comfortable shirt by Código Básico and the wedges that have accompanied me during many summers now (from Mango). As it was casual Friday in the office, I was allowed to wear jeans, however, shorts of course are not an option.

I love this necklace, it's from my favourite store in my hometwon, "Lantana". Always good to add a pop of color!


Every day wear: Massimo Dutti watch, the ring that my dad gifted me on my 18th birthday and Tiffany's ring.
See you soon, I promise!

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