lunes, 31 de agosto de 2009

She's the lady, my dear friend

I remember being a kid, about nine years old, and avidly reading the first two books of the Harry Potter series. Being absorbed by its story and its characters, and feeling charmed by the lovely Hermione. Once upon a time (as I'm sure we all know), the books turned into movies and Hermione's role was taken by a young Emma Watson. Her curly hair and nice smile probably "seduced" all of the fans (me included) and nowadays, the girl that we will probably always relate to the smart magician has become a gorgeous woman with an impeccable sense of style, which obviously has been perceived by everyone in the fashion world. On July I was going on a trip to Greece and at the airport I bought ELLE UK where she posed in a stunning editorial looking amazing. I might like wear some of the clothes, like this beautiful corset, the Channel bag (who wouldn't though?), the black pumps and the jewelry. But what can I say? I simply love her.

PD. I can't help but notice the make-up, I loooove how they emphasize her eyes. The whole thing just looks perfect.