martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

The London Diaries Part I

I just came back from London, which kind of equals depression. Though I've already been there (like two and a half years ago) and I've already started loving it, my devotion to this city has just increased in a level not foreseen by anyone. This time I got to see almost all of the city and with the boyfriend, which just made it better. Madam Tussaud's, The British Museum, The Big Ben, the London Eye, the London Tower... and not only the monuments and the touristic and typical places, also the streets, the people, the parks, everything just made this trip what it was : perfect.

Wearing Stradivadius Jacket, H&M 3/4 sleeves shirt, Blanco necklace and shoes, DIY skirt, and Clazedonia tights.

Oh, Leo ♥

There was porn in most of the telephone booths, if anyone could tell me why the explanation would be appreciated, thanks!

The Covent Garden is definitely one of my favourite locations in London. There I went to a cupcakes store that belongs to a supermodel of the '90, Lorraine Pascale. After leaving her career as a model she opened this little yet adorable cupcakes place and man, I can tell, all of it was delicious!

(the date of the picture is wrong :S)

All of the city was surrounded by a Christmas feeling ...

My state of mind right now?: London Loving ♥