lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

It's all about mixing

I've never been the one to mix, I have to admit that I have always been kind of cautions when it comes to dressing. I never used to wear clothes that were any different from those who surrounded me, maybe I didn't have the inspiration it took, mainly I was ashamed of what others could say. But when I started blogging, or better, when I started seeing all of your blogs something changed. Inspiration comes from many sources, and though since I was ten years old I have avidly read fashion magazines, what definitely has inspired me the most is streetsyle, or, in other words, watching you all made me realize that there was nothing to be afraid of. I wear what I like and I express my mood and my personality that way, I'm not very extravagant or that different, I'm perfectly aware of that, but people of my surroundings seem more or less cut from the same pattern, and what if I don't fit there? It doesn't really bother. So here I am, it's not very original, it has probably been seen everywhere, but I'm mixing dots and stripes, and I like it!
My grandfather used to collect all kinds of stuff, it's so amazing what he had in this house.

On March came out the first number of Harper's Bazaar Spain and it was really good so I'm definitely going to buy it every month, this one is april's,though, which wasn't so good as the first one, but still.

These pictures were all taken in my grandma's garden at her house in the mountain. I love all of the flowers, the plants... so beautiful. I went there two days to chill out, 'cause you don't have any distractions there, even to buy bread you have to go to another town, (there's no internet either, of course) so it is the perfect place to relax or do nothing, though I admit that spending more time there would drive me crazy.
I was wearing skirt, belt and flats from Zara, Stripped shirt from H&M, and Scarf from Stradivarius