lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Friend's Bday

This year I'm turning eighteen, and so are some (most) of my friends, so it's a year full of big celebrations. Not long ago was one of them, an eighteen bday that I spend with my friends and boyf. Just a lovely and perfect night.

Girls just wanna have fun....

Back of my dressBoyfriend

martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

Two weeks ago

Barcelona is a city where you can find almost everything, and even more when it comes to partying around the center (that is Plaça Catalunya). Like two weekends ago, I had a dinner with some friends in St. Cugat, the city where I live and then went to BCN to my friend's house. While we were on the train, we met a group of people who were going to party to the city. We, that were already thinking about going out, decided to join them. We ended up in a discotheque called Les Enfants. I must admit that when I saw the door of the place I was a little scared about what it was going to be like, but eventually it came out as a great place to have tones of fun. I met some people, I danced to death, and ended the night at 6'30 in the morning exhausted but full of happiness. It's what you can find in this amazing city, party 'till night, and nice people to share it with.

It was carnival so there was some people disguised, like this man dressed as an exhibitionist (a little bit creepy, true).