martes, 5 de enero de 2010


So today, after living in my pyjamas for a few days, I decided to take a break from studying and go out "just for a change" because, as I said before until february... So I woke up and I just felt brown. Do you know those days when you just know that you want to dress around a color? Well, that wa it. I had just bought a cardigan and it's really simple, but it's soft and I love the color that my friend described as her "mocca from Starbucks". It was a gray day so I just thought brown.

I love this thing that I wear as a jacket, I say "thing" because I don't really know a word to describe it, it definitely isn't a cape, it isn't a jacket... Strange knitwear, and I love it.

I was wearing stripped cardigan from Primark, Brown heels from Stradivarius, Vintage purse, Neclacke from Svarowski, and Vintage gold ring and diamond earrings (both given by my grandmas on my b-day)

On our way back home we coincided with the parade of the three wise men, here in lots of the houses they bring more presents than Santa (you know, he's busy and has to delegate...) so tomorrow morning, presents! :D

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010


More than happily did I say goodbye to 2009, I'm not gonna say it was a bad year because wonderful moments happened, but... well, some reaally bad too. But now it's 2010, a whole new decade in front of us and lots of fabulous things to occur are foreseen in the horizon. Let's be positive, after all, it's a new year!

Just wish you all a wonderful 2010, in which your dreams are fulfilled and thank all of you who come by, take a look and leave a sweet comment (always sincerely appreciated :) )

As for me, until february, it will be like this...


(that's what law and most spainsh colleges have, exams in January, which totally ruins Christmas but.. after that, freedom and PARIS)