miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011


Sometimes that's all you need to feel instantly better :)




Hope you are all enjoying the holidays

jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011


So yes, I've been missing in action for the last few months, call it lack of inspiration, a great amount of work, and as you'll see in the following pictures, an excess of food, oh, life!


{Tried vegan food for the very first time}


Japanese food, a favourite

{I go crazy for noodles, especially with bittersweet sauce}


{Coulant au chocolat, c'est plaisir!}

{Cookies&Cream Ice cream, personal favourite}

El Mercat de la Boqueria





My new little brother. Looks like someone else has been using my computer, don't blame me!

See you soon!

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Ricardo Miras en Custo Barcelona

If there is something I like as much as fashion that is for sure photography. So when two great artist of each of these fields are united in one project, something marvelous can emerge as a result.


Ricardo Miras is a great Spanish photographer whose relationship with the city of NY comes from a long time ago. Now he signs a series of photographs that showcase The City and that will be a part of a T-Shirt collection by Custo.

{Self-portrait by Ricardo Miras}

Maybe I'm a little bit biased as my love for the city of New York is no secret for those who know me, and I'm no expert on any of these fields, but I find it to be an amazing collaboration.

Check it out!

miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

The Floppy Hat

I've been enjoying the last few days at the beach, it's incredible how the days go by...

Mango romper and belt,BSK hat.

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Summer date


Truth is that during these hot days of August one doesn't really feel like going back to the city, with all the fuss going on, the traffic, the sun, tourists and all that jazz, but all of that goes to nothing with the idea of a good dinner and amazing cocktails in a rooftop in front of the sea...


Dress and clutch bt Zara, Blanco shoes.



viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011


I’m here, in a café in front of the sea, relaxing after too much sun at the beach (and maybe a little bit sun burnt, but shhhh, it’s a secret), sipping a sweet Latte Macchiato and thinking of what’s been inspiring me lately or I’ve been lusting after…

Opened back clothing. Because that I like all year long, to juxtapose sexiness and bring it from the front, to the back.

tumblr_ld8d89msqa1qad56lo1_400Alineación al centro



Letters. Because there’s always something that gives it an “extra” when it’s handwritten.


Patterned pants. Maybe a little bit more risky than regular pants, but certainly more unique and personal.


{via Hanneli Mustaparta}

Strong eyeliner.


martes, 2 de agosto de 2011


I'm typing this quick post from a gelato café, not that I had planned it , but as I got to the café (I'm on the beach house, so no connection is available unless I go somewhere with my laptop with that purpose in mind), ordered a vanilla and cookies ice-cream as a little bit of indulgement and decided to read one of my favorite blogs ABC I received the pleasant surprise of being awarded an “Stylish Blogger Award”. This time, I felt more flattered than ever as I can sincerely say that Kim, the blogger behind ABC is someone I truly admire, her writing style caught me from the very beginning for being witty, grammatically perfect, and having this rhythm that only those born with the talent have (very much à la Carrie).

That being said, and as some awards entail, I couldn’t avoid telling you seven “little secrets” of myself.

1. This past July I took and intensive course on French. Needless to say I fell in love with the language, je l’aime!

2. I adore the sea, it is something that I really need every year to spend some days at the beach, relaxing, doing nothing… just enjoying the sun.

3. I discovered twitter a few months ago and now I’m totally addicted to it. It allows me to follow newspapers and keep in touch with the world.

4. I cannot control myself with ice-creams. Or chocolate. That’s when food=pleasure becomes real for me.

5. I wear glasses and I totally HATE it (hence my overuse of contacts). Not that I don’t like them in anybody, I just have a small head which makes all of the glasses look out of place and too big for me, shades included.

6. I’m quite a nerd when it comes to Art and politics. I enjoy going to a museum, alone or with company, and getting soaked in all the beauty of the paintings, sculptures… and the same can be said about architecture.

7. Every year I promise myself I’ll start working out, and at that I have always failed, until next time, I promise!

I’d like to pass the award to swellmayde, acurlystyle, Mara, Glistersandblisters, and CoutureCarrie.

miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011



These days have all been about relaxing, meeting friends, catching up with movies I've always wanted to watch... Oh, Summer life! After finishing the course, I started taking french classes and now that they are over, I've really got nothing to do, finally!


Pink pleated skirt and necklace- H&M, camel shirt - Zara, Shoes - Mango.

With my gorgeous friend Marina, it's impossible not to love her.




sábado, 23 de julio de 2011

The Brandery

Last week I attended the Barcelona Fashion Fair called The Brandery. Unfortunately I was only able to attend the last day, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it (it also helped the wonderful company I had).


Besides some organisational problemes that I finally decided not to brag about, I truly loved it. I attended the Barcelona International Fashion show that featured pieces by Stella Mc Cartney, Vivienne Westwood, Blumarine, Iceberg, Moschino, and others (as you could have read via my twitter).
My Fauvorite? Without a hint of doubt, Stella Mc Cartney, the minimal and structured suits had me from the very first minute.

IMG_2299 IMG_2302


Vivienne Westwood also made the cut for me, as well as the beautiful Blumarine dresses. I've got to admit though, that Roberto Cavalli proved once more not to fit my tastes or expectations.

{Vivienne Westwood}


I didn't want to end without commenting on the Custo stall which was for me like a discovery process. If I have to be sincere, I've never been a big fan of Custo, I never liked faces on clothes (still don't) and I always thought that in his pieces there was too much going on, until the date. Of course there were some pieces that fit the aforementioned description, but I also saw some others that fascinated me, for the delicacy of the fabrics, the details and the construction, as well, of course, for the originality that being Custo BCN entails.

{Custo Dalmau}



Au revoir!


sábado, 2 de julio de 2011



I love summer afternoons spend with the best people, hanging out, relaxing, taking a walk... and those days become even better when it is my town's festival, everybody is on the streets, the stores put up tents (and everything is discounted!) and time seems to go by without being conscious of it.





Stradivarius dress, Zara sandals.