martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Tunisia stole my heart

{Sidi Bou Said, my favourite}

I have always dreamt of travelling all over the world, with hardly any exceptions. Interaction with other places and cultures enriches one’s view in ways that not many other things do, and I have to admit that I had always been attracted to the Arabic culture. There are so many prejudices regarding Islam and Muslims that I always felt the need to learn about it myself, with no intermediaries.


Earlier last month, as a delegate in the Tunisian International Model United Nations, I had the chance to visit Tunisia, and my expectations were exceeded, the country and its people stole my heart. Never had any of us experienced such hospitality and the ambiance itself made us want to stay for more.



Unfortunately, our stay was very brief, however, I was able to take some pictures, I hope you like them!




{incredibly beautiful place, not to miss! And it had one of the best things of Tunisia: mint tea like no other!}



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Autre Tunisie dijo...

Great pics that very well transcribe the Tunisian sweet atmosphere. It's good to have nice testimonies from visitors such as yours as the recent events tend to scare people off Tunisia...

Shamime dijo...

You are beautiful!
Thanks for your continued support.
I just wanted to let you know I changed my blog from KlothCulture to SimplyShamime if you could follow me over there I would LOVE it!

C.B. dijo...

My boyfriend worked for Tunisair for a year and a half before all the revolts. He always says that it is an amazing country to live if you are a tourist or if you have a good job, like he did. He and all his colleagues were treated really well everywhere they went, just because people knew they had money. However, he noticed over time that people was just interested in money, and that everything had a price there. And that when you live in a nice neighborhood everything is great, but it is a country where there's a lot of poorness. He left Tunis when the curfew was imposed.