viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

Black Swan

It's no secret that I'm a terrible blogger as I hardly ever update, but after watching Black Swan I couldn't miss the occasion of sharing it with all of you. Some of you might have watched it already (it was released in the USA earlier this month) and some of you might not (it will not be released in Spain until the 28th of January), but for those who haven't seen it, this movie is definitely a MUST watch.
In other circumstances I might fear my judgment to be biased as Natalie Portman has always been one of my favorite actresses, but Black Swan is for sure not the case.

Natalie Portman’s performance is beyond perfection, the music (obviously) is extremely beautiful, as well as the make up, the lighting and how the film is shot. That not to talk about the dresses, as it was predictable that Kate and Laura Mulleavy from Rodarte would do a gorgeous job.

Natalie Portman has not only been endowed with the talent of acting but also possesses an irreproachable taste. It is obvious undeniable that she is full of grace, but above it all, I look up at her as a woman who shows the world that if you work hard, you can do it all. I see her as a role model, her intellectuality, the fact that she is a Harvard graduate (she contributed to a study on memory called "Frontal Lobe Activation During "Object Permanence" during her psychology studies at Harvard and after graduating she was guest lecturer at a Columbia University course in terrorism and counterterrorism) and studied, besides already speaking English and Hebrew, French, Japanese, German, and Arabic, and if all of that wasn’t enough, she also has a great sense of humor (see video here).

Well, after my ramblings and musings on the movie, I could not wish you all the best for the upcoming year, hope that it brings you all you ask for and great success in your goals. As for me, I will be working hard on mine to make them happen (and who knows, I might even become a better blogger!)



sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

Recent purchases

♥ Clutch from Zara and bracelet from Primark. I just bought the clutch today, and I just can't wait to wear it, too bad I have to stay at home studying...
♥ Black blouse from Zara
♥ My "Rudolphs" from Zara
♥ Black hat from Zara (gift from the Boyfriend), and the other two items from Primark.
♥ American apparel nailpolishes, I totally adore them. The brown-ish one is from H&M, and I've had it for months, I still love it though.