lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Let the birds sing and your imagination fly

Wearing AA skirt, Zara belt, tights and shirt.

Looks just like Spring is really coming now, Spring break is already here, and though I have tones of work to do, I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. Partying of course, is a part of the equation. I had so much fun tonight, I'll probably update some pictures of it soon.

martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

These are the words of the Popstars

Whenever I don't know what title to put, I'll just write the first lyrics that come to my mind... I've been listening a lot of the Rooneys lately :).
My boyfriend was gentle enough to take this pictures the other day, one day it is sunny, and the other it is snowing.. totally crazy, but not as crazy as I am for Spring and warm weather to really come (and stay). I'm tired of tights, coats and all that jazz, it's time of bare legs, skirts and sandals, so I'm sorry winter, you will have to let it go!

So you see that I'm not lying, this picture is from two weeks ago, totally insane right?

I love, love, love this top, it's so beautiful! And I'm also over the top with these rose earrings, they used to be my grandma's, but not anymore (sorry grandma!). She doesn't wear them now so she just gave them to me,isn't she the most adorable woman? :).

Top from Zara, shoes and blazer from Stradivarius, Bag and scarf from H&M.

sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010


Yesterday Santi and I spent a quite friday night together, we went to a Japanese Restaurant in Barcelona (c/ Muntaner) and boy, the food was good! I love Japanese, and the price was really good too so what else could one ask for? More than a need, eating is such a pleasure ♥

I wore a Shirt from Massimo Dutti, jeggings from Zara and Oxfords from Primark.

I love the snake bracelet from the first picture, and I wear it like all the time, and I'm afraid I could say the same about the Oxfords... So comfortable!

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lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Love Valentino

Well, it's probably a little too late to be posting pictures about this collection, but I wasn't able to resist (better late than ever right? I'm such a bad blogger...) . I can't say I've ever been it's biggest fan, other brands have caught my attention more intensely over the years, but well, this time i couldn't help but falling in love. Valentino's collection is from my point of view, the ultimate feminine collection. It's so ethereal and classy, I'd kill for one of those dresses, specially one of them. I need it. So much that please God/Nature/Energy, whatever there is out there, let my dreams be fulfilled.

This particular dress would make my dreams come true, I could definitely wear it all summer long. As a famous stylist we all know would say : I die.

Lace, lace ♥
Mr. Valentino might not be the one designing any more, but Pier Paolo and Maria Grazia Chiuri are definitely doing a great job.