domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012



Sometimes I cannot help but wonder what the point of me having a blog is. There are certainly thousands of blogs out there, and definitely mine is not different from others. My blog came at first as a way of sharing my personal style and a few of the things that I enjoy most in life, such as fashion, obviously, but also FOOD, art, trips, and my beautiful city, aka, Barcelona.

But though fashion is for sure a passion of mine, I would certainly not dedicate my life to it, and sometimes I can’t avoid to ask me why all the big fuss, and think about it in terms of superficiality and such.

I am a law student, passionate (and sometimes far beyond concerned and frustrated) by politics, international relationships and human rights, so I guess that these kind of thoughts come as no surprise to those who know me. That’s the reason why I have many times thought about closing this blog and just keep reading yours that I always find so inspiring.

By now, though, that is not going to be what I’ll do, because with this blog, too, many good things have come along. ChocandCinnamon became at times a platform to evade myself from reality, and it’s funny how sometimes it was during exams that I updated the most. It also turned into a platform that I think had the greatest influence in my style, through seeing me in pictures, taking them and reading your comments, I think I accomplished a more polished look that makes me feel more comfortable, and yes, prettier, as I do believe that fashion and style can indeed enhance every women’s beauty and empower them. We are all beautiful, after all, non?

Through the blog I’ve also had the chance to meet inspiring people, like Kim, who I’ve recommended you so many times (seriously, check her blog, and I enthusiastically recommend you to check her old one, La Couturier, too), and whose interests, through facebook conversations I discovered go far beyond fashion, as mine.

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for the day, so I’ll just leave with bits and bats of what I have been doing lately.


Enjoying the one day-snow-per-year with my friends and my beautiful dog.




Went to Belgium to visit a friend and enjoyed chocolate at its best.



Have a wonderful day