domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s day! ♥

Some say it is a commercial day and it’s celebrated with the only purpose of consume, but let me just say that though everyday should be a day to celebrate love (which doesn’t necessarily have to be with a man or a woman with who you have a relationship with but also friends, family, or why not, oneself) it’s always nice to have a special day that reminds you, once again, with simple (or not so simple) details, that you are loved. Loved by your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family... Because Valentine's day shouldn't be a day where only those who are in a couple are happy and those who are not are depressed, because being single is also a good thing, nothing is better or not, what makes you feel better is what makes the difference and being happy only depends of you.

Yesterday night my boyfriend prepared me dinner, and surprise! A cream cake shaped as a heart, I've gotta tell, it was delicious!

As a present he gave me this bag, it's huuuuge (and I love it!), chocolates, and the best of it, he prepared an album from the trip we made. Isn't he the best boyfriend ever? T'estimo Santi!

Stripped shirt from H&M, Jeggings from Primark, hells from Zara.

This is the diamond and white gold ring my father gave me for my eighteenth birthday, it's simple but elegant and beautiful, I love it. The earrings are from Swarovski.

And changing completely of subject, as all of you I herd the tragic news of the loss of yet another legend of the fashion industry: RIP Alexander McQueen.