sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Night out and SATC2

Yesterday night I went out with two friends to watch Sex and the City 2, which wasn’t released here in Spain until tomorrow, and well… what could I say? As some of you may know (see here: get carried away) I am a huge fan of the series, I actually have all of the seasons in DVD, and even though I can’t say the first movie was great, well, I liked it, and this one… not so much, I couldn’t really relate the characters from the movie with the ones in the series, like, where’s Miranda’s cynicism? And heels in the desert? Please, fashion is like the fifth main character, but there’s always a point that is too much, and there it was. But what impressed me the most were the Abu Dhabi ladies that where wearing the super fashion clothes underneath, hello? What was that about? Besides that, I had a good time, and I just can’t help to hope that, if they really make it into a third movie, they will “clean the mess” and make it a good movie for the sake of the real series followers and not for a new target public that is for whom the movie seemed to be for.

I decided to wear a Carrie inspired outfit (clearly, as it is probably her most famous ensemble) as I bought this skirt a while ago and I couldn't resist the occasion.

And here you see my lovely friends :) (both called Nuria, btw)

Skirt from Zara, Shoes from Blanco, Bracelet from a flea market in formentera, basic tank top.