jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

Sun come back!

2 weeks ago sun was shinning, now he's gone and rain came instead. I can't wait 'till Summer!

Wearing a long green cardigan from Mango, Leggings from Bershka, Black ballerinas from Zara.

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Juliet dijo...

me encanta tu cardigan verde!!
es de esta temporada??:D
es que... puede que te copie... aunque si esta en más colores... dudare entre cual escojer, eso seguro!

Un besazo reina!:D

proudly says, dijo...

you look pretty in green outfit and i love the place!

Aless & Rocío dijo...

Me gusta muchisimo como te queda el vestido con los leggings!!

Un besito!

Angela dijo...

yo estoy esperando de salir de nueva york que esta tambien muy lluvioso y frio pero es que aqui aun no ha llegado la primavera. todavia persiste el invierno. solo que ya se fue la nieve. :(

menos mal que manana me largo de aqui hacia el tiempo tropical! ;D

estas super monaa!


bueno aca estamos en otoño y todavía sigue el calor y el sol radiente de verano. es muy extraño lo que está sucediendo.

thestilettoeffect dijo...

Hi :)
great outfit! I love the legging and the bag :)

yiqin; dijo...

Green looks really good on you :D

Couture Carrie dijo...

Love your look, M, especially those leggings!

Happy Easter!


proudly says, dijo...

thank you so much for the comments.

Marian dijo...

darling i cant wait for summer either dear! Loving you in that green dear, lovely and fresh.
muah x

frances dijo...

niiice outfit, really pretty x

Sina dijo...

Oh that are great Pics!I like them!

La Couturier dijo...

You're back! =] I've missed you, darling!

And that's so cool that we're the same age! And no question is ever too late =] I do wish that I had a good answer for you, but I'm honestly not sure at all. I mean, I've always loved to write when I was little; it was probably because I used to read a lot? Fashion-wise, I just love flipping through magazines or browsing through blogs for occasional inspiration. But I think what's truly important is knowing what looks good on yourself - because from there, you'll always know what to wear and what not to wear =]

La c.

michelle dijo...

hate bipolar weather :( i can't wait for summer either!!

B. dijo...

me gusta tu cardigan =)
buff tengo una gana de porder ir por fin en manga corta!!! =)

La Couturier dijo...

Ohmygosh - you girls are friends? I find that so incredibly cool!!! (My excessive use of exclamation points proves it so). I don’t know of any bloggers my age in my area, sadly. Imagine the fun!!

And I can’t even tell you how flattered I am that I even came up in a conversation between the two of your fabulous selves. Thank you sooooo much Miriam. You are tooo sweeeeeet! <3

La C.

ana b. dijo...

I love your Zara flats. I love Zara in general. And I hate it when the weather teases me too. Thank you for your comments. You've been linked.

LoveMore dijo...

loving that green on you dear! and those leggins look fab!

xxx love bel

Vintage Me New You dijo...

Love this outfit, the green is so cute and you look very pretty:)
Thanks for stopping by on my blog and for your nice compliments!