martes, 21 de abril de 2009

Doubly in love

I present you all my new shoes, who actually were a present from my boyfriend. Could it be any better? I love the shoes, I love him. :)
I also love laCouturier's blog, can't hardly believe she is my age, such a good taste and style when it comes to writing and when it comes to fashion.

Wearing Blanco shoes, P&B shirt, H&M jacket, Stradivarius scarf.

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La Couturier dijo...

1) You are gorgeous.
2) I DIE at your shoes! They are soooo perfect!
3) You are too sweet!! Thanks for the shoutout love! <3

Hehe, blogger friends we are =]

La C.

Couture Carrie dijo...

He did a great job! Love them!


Anónimo dijo...

you look great! love the scarf!

Juliet dijo...

que mona estas!! me encanta el look!
tus zapatos son increibles!
no me ha dado tiempo a leer lo que pones porque estoy en la universidad Jhonson&Wells, de Providence (USA), en los ordenadores, un ratito, antes de irnos de Shopping!!:D
es increible todo, en cuanto vuelva os cuento! ajjajaja

Reina si que soy catalana, de Barcelona!:D y tu???

UN besito grande desde USA!

frances dijo...

those shoesss! so hot. x

yiqin; dijo...

Ya! I think la coututier writes really well too!

Shalane dijo...

I absolutely L O V E your shoes! They look great on you!

Fashion_Loving_Stylist dijo...

Fab shoes!!

Marian dijo...

great shoes lovely of your boyfriend sweetie. you look great! xx

La Couturier dijo...

I agree - I'd love them better without the cigs. Cigarettes actually are a huge turnoff for me, no matter how glamorous it could make someone!

La C.

Bella dijo...

Loving this so much... the shoes are a perfect match with the jeans.
kudos to the boyf.


ana b. dijo...

Wow! Your boy has some taste in shoes! What a keeper.

eLi dijo...

Hola wapa!!
T'he vist en el blog de la meva germana (Juliet de i he vingut a investigar i... m'encanten els teu looks!! jajaja!!
i les sabates que t'ha regalat el teu novio són precioses!! Vaya quina sort que tens!!
Si no t'importa t'agrego a la meva llista de blogs!

Un peto!!
(Sembla que torna a sortir el sol a Bcn després de toa la pluja que acaba de caure...)

rebeca dijo...

ya hace por alli para llevar sandalias??? por aqui todavia no pero espero qe dure poco porqe apetece muchisimo ya, sobretodo cuando ves todos los escaparates repletos de ropa preciosa!

Anónimo dijo...

Gorgeous shoes!!..

yiqin; dijo...

So nice of oyur boyf to be buying you shoes!!!!!

La Couturier dijo...

Yup, it is me in those photos =] My hand & my neck/decolletage/boobs. Haha ;]

One day I'll show pictures.

Thanks for being the sweetest !

La C.

La Couturier dijo...

Ashley's gorgeous! She has the perfect balance of androgynous-feminine/masculine =] And her collection of heels, especially Balenciaga.

Soooo gorgeous!

Btw, do you have Twitter? =]

La C.

withasianstereotypes dijo...

Mmmmm those shoes are perfect. I love the very cute outfit you have on! You are goregous, obviously.

KISS, China L.

LoveMore dijo...

your new shoes rock babe! and i love your scarf too :)

xxx bel

michelle dijo...

Your boyfriend has fab taste in shoes :)

La Couturier dijo...

I have facebook as well!

And one day, I WILL go to Barcelona, and we shall spend a day together shopping & whatnot! =] Imagine the fun!

La C.

Jessica dijo...

what a sweet boyfriend =))

withasianstereotypes dijo...

This outfit is to die for, even more so if you're wearing it obviously haha. I really love your necklace pretty baby!

KISS, China L.

Fashion_Loving_Stylist dijo...

Those shoes are amazing