jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011


Neglecting my blog has been kind of customary ever since I started it, that's probably the reason why, after two months of more or less regularly blogging, I stopped doing it again. This time the excuse might be a lack of inspiration that has been going on for a long time, the exhasperation I've been feeling as warm weather seems nowhere to be seen, and the realisation yet again that there are so many stylish, inspiring bloggers that I have nothing new to bring to the blogosphere. Despite that, a few weeks ago the sun shone for a day and I took these outfit pictures, hope you like it!

IMG_9913Justificar a ambos lados





Ash shoes, Shana trousers, American Apparel dress worn as a shirt, old grandpa's belt, faux fur best unknown, DKNY silk scarf, Topshop bag.

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Konfetta dijo...

like ur trousers..)

Konfetta dijo...

like ur trousers..)tns 4 ur comment..)

Anónimo dijo...

Welcome back! I was on hiatus for almost two months as well but I have posted everyday this week. Drop by.


Wida dijo...

Wow! You look incredibly beautiful and stunning. Very lovely photos! I am jealous!

Missing Amsie Blog

Stylifiq dijo...

The bag is really cute. great pants.
I wish you all the inspiration in the world *blowing sparkling dust*

Vanesa dijo...

Hi dear! i love your outfit! you look cool.



nina oliva dijo...

absolutely love this outfit! the pants have an amazing cut!

btw: I know exactly what you mean about doubting your style and feeling generally uninspired etc... but I always enjoy to read your posts! Keep it up! =)

helena dijo...

I love this!
The pants and fur look so good.

Fashion Cappuccino dijo...

I love your fur vest and the necklace is so pretty! It's so great that the sun is shining where you are! Hope you will post often because you have an amazing style! xoxoxoo

Nadine Flatt dijo...

really niiice!!!!

annawithlove dijo...

Adore everything about this outfit, the back, the pants, those pumps! fabulous!


Franzi dijo...

I like the cut of your shirt!
xoxo F

Indah Nainggolan dijo...

love your statement necklace and your bag, you're so cute :):)


Josie dijo...

Hooray for the sun lending you a little inspiration! I love your top; the back is gorgeous!
xo Josie

Paola dijo...

answer:thank you so much for your comment!!

J'Anns Boutique dijo...

Love ur purse!

Come on over and Enter my giveaway!


Anónimo dijo...

te ves hermosa y tan chic!
lindo outfit!


Strawberry Freckleface dijo...

Love that necklace and your fur vest. Diggin it!

strawberry freckleface

cryskay dijo...

this outfit is perfect! i love the low cut back, the fur vest, your pumps & trousers. so chic. xx

My Republic of Fashion dijo...

I am suffering from a major lack of inspiration at the moment. Ugh.... Anyways, loving your outfit. Great trousers. :)SarahD

Sam dijo...

J'adore the top with the low scoop neck!!


fhenny dijo...

totally love the faux fur vest

little miss fhenny

fhenny dijo...

i love your blog as well
i am your new follower
will be glad if you can follow back :)

little miss fhenny

Escalón nº9 dijo...

genial el outfit! los pantalones me encantan
un beso

Sabrina O. dijo...

Great outfit! You look stunning!

Mery dijo...

Your blog is really nice ... I will follow you steps to follow if you like you can also leave a comment to say what you think?? your no doubt I love so much .... kiss kiss

Aquí dijo...

very cute! Love the vest!

le rockandrouge dijo...

genial el look! el collar es precioso :)

yiqin; dijo...

the fur is rad on you :)

Anónimo dijo...

hello Beauty!
lovely look and pictures :)
kisses from Poland :*


emily dijo...

i love the vest and the heels! and the scarf adds such a nice colorful touch to the whole look.

Anónimo dijo...

Qué guapa! Me gusta mucho como te queda todo el conjunto, y el recogido. Los zapatos son chulísimos, me gusta mucho como llevas el cinturón y el chaleco de piel.

un besito!

michelle_ dijo...


Anke/unwashed-assd dijo...

hi! nice blog you have here :) really enjoying it.
that shirt you're wearing here is lovely. i like the way how it's cut out in the back + awesome shoes!

stop by if you like. maybe we can become followers!

Angela dijo...

Belle tenue!!!
J aime
Angela Donava

Chelsea Lane dijo...

love this! the trousers fit you so well and I love the back of that top. styled so sweetly! :)


Rachel ~ Dressed to Dish dijo...

Your outfit looks stunning as do you!! And don't worry since I've started blogging I've also taken a few blog breaks now and again. Glad you're back! :)