miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011



Last night I attended a Charity concert for Crohn’s disease that aimed to raise awareness of what the Crohn disease is and also some money for the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona. The Crohn disease is an inflammatory disease of the intestines that unluckily a friend of mine suffers, it has daily symptoms that can affect people who suffers it in different ways and levels, and even though it has no cure (by now), as with many other illnesses, research helps to improve the life of the victims of this alien (as some of them call it) and go further on the possible treatments. Attending this kind of event made me realize, that even though we can never solve other’s problems no matter how hard we’d like to, there’s always a little bit more we can do, whereas it’s taking care of those who are in pain, attending events to help raise money, or being by the side of those who you love and need you.



I wore Pull&Bear shirt and pants (that yes, made some comments of the "why are you wearing that" kind arise), my black Zara ankle boots, and necklace form Banjhara.



(FYI, that's my what should I do, I don't know how to pose, tell me something face)

Have a lovely week everybody!



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Anónimo dijo...

you have such beautiful hair and the pants look amazing! I really love the style!

Cylia dijo...

pretty you! I bet all heads were turned;) I'd turn to see your outfit:) and I was lucky enough to find this polkadot sweater in my size, the last one! I had a hard time finding it aswell.. maybe you can look at ebay?;)

Steffy's Pro's and Con's dijo...

love the corset top, and your hair is beautiful! make sure to enter into my giveaway here : http://steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com/2011/02/steffys-pros-and-cons-first-giveaway.html

<3 steffy

Flaviana Boni dijo...

Thank you for the comment!
you have beautiful eyes, nice blog ;)


Jennifer Fabulous dijo...

Oh wow I had never heard of this disease before. It sounds dreadful. I'm so sorry about your friend who suffers from it. :(

On a happier note, you look gorgeous in these photos. Those pants are so fabulous! xoxo

Anónimo dijo...

what a great cause!
love your pants here!!!

<3 megan

Closet Fashionista dijo...

Love your outfit!!!

SAMANTHA dijo...

you look lovely those pants are very cool! i'm having a jewelery giveaway right now if you're interested in entering!


Rosa Pel dijo...

i love u pants !

Mariel Villanueva dijo...

I share your thoughts! Thanks for sharing. Outfit is great!

augustalolita dijo...

great photos :) and lovely look <3

Leather & Lace dijo...

loooveee this look! you are too cute! great pants and mix of patterns!


diana kang dijo...

you look so charming! love this look on you xx

Heart Charlie dijo...

I love your cute little top and fun printed pants! You did an amazing job on your make up as well ;) Gorgeous!

The.Red.See dijo...

Great outfit, love those pants!

Anna Katrina dijo...

you look great and it looks like you had fun :)

stop by sometime<3


thanks, you made my day ;)

Jenava dijo...

I love this outfit! So great that you are supporting research for this. My cousin suffers from it. It's terrible. )-:

Welcome to my jungle dijo...

You look so pretty and you have amazing hair!
Great blog!
Would be happy if you would pass by mine!!!

- Dani


Couture Carrie dijo...

Great cause, lovely look!


Rachel ~ Dressed to Dish dijo...

such a great cause :) I absolutely LOVE your outfit!! :) I'm jealous of your gorgeous wavy hair!

Jane dijo...

love those trousers!

Stylifiq dijo...

You have a beautiful 'clueless' face :)love the outfit, the shoes esp
Style by Stylifiq

Absolutely Mrs. K dijo...

Hey girl, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It was a really nice one. What a great compliment that I am unique. I simply love your pants, the pattern and shape, they are perfect. You see a lot of pants like these, but never one with such an interesting pattern. Keep on being distinctive, I love it

mirjam schuurkamp! dijo...

Your so pretty girl!
such pretty eyes
i love your outfit
looks so good!

thanks for commenting doll.

i have a new outfit post, maybe you can check?

xo model from holland.

everyday a new post.

Pop Champagne dijo...

lovee those pants you are wearing! they are very unique and they go well with your top as well :D

michelle_ dijo...

you are beautiful !
and i love that printed bustier and the pantsss !

Franzi dijo...

Thanks for letting me know Miriam :) Great paisley pattern on your pants!
xoxo F

kirstyb dijo...

i lvoe your outfit xxx

Aquí dijo...

Love your top! You look so cute!

Diana Mieczan dijo...

What a great outfit..You look adorable, my dear

Fashion Cappuccino dijo...

You look beautiful and that's such a great cause! How do you get your eyelashes to look like that? They look so lush and long! xoxoxoo

Wida dijo...

My friend has Chrohn's disease and it is a horrible disease to have! I wish there was something like that event over here!

You look great by the way!

Missing Amsie Blog

My Republic of Fashion dijo...

I have heard of crohns disease before. It's meant to be awful. Great outfit! Loving that top. :)SarahD

Marloes. dijo...

I love your pants. You look so cool!!

cryskay dijo...

i love that corset!!!! xo

check out my giveaway a la sparkle!

Is ♥ La 5th con Bleecker st. dijo...

que guapa! y además por una buenísima causa



Josie dijo...

Your top is SUPER cute! And I love concerts for good causes -- so fun and you get to help out!
xo Josie

Francesca dijo...

Love your eyeliner :) It's such a pity about your friend :( i've never heard of this disease how horrible.


collagevintage dijo...

Wow you look fab! Love your top with this harem pants.

Happy weekend!

Lee Oliveira dijo...

Love your look.. and I was obsessed with your silk hight waisted pants
Lee x

Phoebe dijo...

you look great I love the top :) x

Ashley Rae dijo...

The pants are great! Very daring but you pulled them off well.


Anónimo dijo...

I totally love your look ...great post !

Erica Wark dijo...

You are soooo cute!!!

Love your pants girl!

Following your blog, it's great!

Hope you'll come visit :)



annalisa dijo...

i love the corset (:


Michelle Lee dijo...

love your pants :) want one like that
i just have harem pants in black one