jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Let it shine


I took these pictures just a few days ago, when I went with one of my girlfriends for a little shopping spree and a walk through Les Rambles. I was wearing my new skirt from Zara (gift from the boyfriend), random tights and shirt, Mustang booties and a Necklace from Macy's.



After the holiday season, everything seems less shinier and sparkly, and that’s probably the reason why I’ve been so drawn lately to this golden nail polish, that I bought from H&M about three years ago (I think it’s impressive it hasn’t dried out yet).

Now that the exams are coming to an end, I can wait to:

+ Take walks on longer days in Les Rambles, Passeig de Gràcia, and alike.

+ Discover new coffe shops and Restaurants in the city.

+ Have long talks and nights out with my best friends.

+ Try new recipes (cupcakes, muffins, anyone?).

+ Watch all of the movies I’ve already downloaded but haven’t been able to see.

+ Stay in bed until late in the morning and wake up to a delicious breakfast and a stack of magazines.


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Hooola Guapa!!!
Quines fotos...me encanta la faldilla de cuir!!

Marloes. dijo...

The skirt is really beautiful. Great look!

Cindy Yang Lee dijo...

cute outfit!

Cindy Yang Lee dijo...

cute outfit!

Anónimo dijo...

love the skirt!!!

Hillary dijo...

I love your outfit :) Those are some pretty amazing ideas for what to do as well :) Cupcakes=yes please!

New follower!

Please check out my blog & follow me too :)

Franzi dijo...

The high-waisted leather skirt is gorgeous!!
xoxo F

Lee Oliveira dijo...

What a gorgeous outfit..
love your leather skirt..
lee x


Love the skirt !
Look my blog and follow me if you want! xxx

Lilylovelock dijo...

Adore this skirt, the pleats make it so pretty!

Anónimo dijo...

Just discovered your blog. Good stuff. LOVE the new skirt! Great style! Following you now.


yiqin; dijo...

greatskirt :)

Tasja dijo...

Great outfit!
I love it :D

Heart Charlie dijo...

I love that black skirt, so chic!

Fashion Cappuccino dijo...

Beautiful skirt! Your boyfriend has a great taste in style! I love your list of things to do! Definitely how I want to spend my days! xoxoxxoo

My Republic of Fashion dijo...

That skirt is just gorgeous. I love it!! :)SArahD

Carlota dijo...

me encnatan tus fotos!! :D
preciosa esa faldaa

Carlota dijo...

me encnatan tus fotos!! :D
preciosa esa faldaa

Becky-May dijo...

that skirt really is so lovely :) great blog!

The Flower Girl


Angie Aquarius dijo...

Thanks for your lovely comment! Your german is almost perfect! Correctly you must say: Ich mag dein Outfit! But it's really good... I couldn't do this in spanish...

Your pics are really cute! Love your look!

*From Munich With Love*

Kheira dijo...

looove your skirt and your golden nail polish, i'm looking for one!

cecylia dijo...

I adore your leather pleated skirt!! Part rock glam part ballerina :)

Come and see my blog hun :)

J'Anns Boutique dijo...

Love the look! gorgeous skirt.


Anónimo dijo...

Great outfit!! I really love that pleated skirt!! been in my wishlist for so long

Behind the Lashes dijo...

Awesome skirt, you have a great boyfriend!

Thank you for the comment on my blog!
xoxo Heather

The doll on fashion dijo...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I hope you come back soon.

Im now following you too! x

The doll on fashion

nina oliva dijo...

your post makes me want to go BCN! I love this city! and your skirt! =)

Agora tô pronta dijo...

Beautiful skirt.
I loved the look.

projectvee dijo...

cute outfit, and ahh, i wanna do all those things too!


Anónimo dijo...

I love the leather skirt! The pics are great! ;)


czech foreigner dijo...

love the skirt!

la mì dijo...

I have a skirt similar yours but it's pink!

HI! my name's martina and I come from Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want... follow me! I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ;D


Julia Vorob'eva dijo...

ah, what a looovely skirt! absolutely gorgeous!