sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

Recent purchases

♥ Clutch from Zara and bracelet from Primark. I just bought the clutch today, and I just can't wait to wear it, too bad I have to stay at home studying...
♥ Black blouse from Zara
♥ My "Rudolphs" from Zara
♥ Black hat from Zara (gift from the Boyfriend), and the other two items from Primark.
♥ American apparel nailpolishes, I totally adore them. The brown-ish one is from H&M, and I've had it for months, I still love it though.

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mom & son dijo...

Cool purchases!
Loving the mint green nail polish!

Fashion Cappuccino dijo...

Love that black blouse!! You bought some fabulous things I see! :-) xoxoxoo

saeconet dijo...

sooo cute clutch!
These pictures are so great!


Romantic things also bites dijo...

Amoo tu colchaaa!!! Y el jersey es una monadaa!
Un besitooo

yiqin; dijo...

loving the colors of the nail polish/

Anónimo dijo...

que monería todo! Me encanta la pulsera, y la blusa negra y el jersey son un amor (L)

un beso!

atelier dijo...

that jumper is Zara's?!I'm loving it!

helena dijo...

Oh my god I love your clutch, bracelet and all those nail varnishes! I've been looking for that kind of colour, now I know where to buy them (:
Thanks haha.

The Fashion Writress dijo...

Lovely purchased dear, especially theclutch and the nail polish! <3

You've got a new follower now :D


Agora tô pronta dijo...

Love the blog! Very good ♥
Following each other? What do you think?

Kiss Kiss Van ♥

Screamyourfeelingsout. dijo...

Merry Christmas, dear!

Lovely blog!
&. Maybe we can follow eachother?

+ Join my GIVEAWAY! (last days)

Kind regards, Valerie

Núria García dijo...

Gràcies per la benvinguda! La capa va ser el capritxo d'aniversari...precisament, no vaig sobrada de cash! ;) jajaja

Et segueixo!
XX, Núria

diana kang dijo...

all so lovely! xx

Sabina dijo...

That bracelet is from Primark? Are you kidding me?! It looks amazing, like a Tiffany bracelet! So gorgeous :))))
BTW, I talked to Nuria a little bit - we're (my friends and I) coming on the 6th and staying till the 9th and we were wondering if you guys would perhaps go out with us someday in the evening or take us through the city or whatever :))))

Ari dijo...

I love the bracelet! I've been looking for a cute charm bracelet recently and this one is super cute :)