domingo, 3 de enero de 2010


More than happily did I say goodbye to 2009, I'm not gonna say it was a bad year because wonderful moments happened, but... well, some reaally bad too. But now it's 2010, a whole new decade in front of us and lots of fabulous things to occur are foreseen in the horizon. Let's be positive, after all, it's a new year!

Just wish you all a wonderful 2010, in which your dreams are fulfilled and thank all of you who come by, take a look and leave a sweet comment (always sincerely appreciated :) )

As for me, until february, it will be like this...


(that's what law and most spainsh colleges have, exams in January, which totally ruins Christmas but.. after that, freedom and PARIS)

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Couture Carrie dijo...

Happy New Year, darling!
Good luck on your exams!


WendyB dijo...

I'm looking forward to a better 2010 too!

Vintage Me New You dijo...

Oh hi dear,
Happy New Year to you as well:)
I know what do you mean, I am starting my exams next week, so good luck to you too, all the best!


nookie dijo...

happy new year to you too dear!I have exams too..bummer...
good luck!

Tori dijo...

I am happy its 2010 too! Good luck on exams!

kirstyb dijo...

good luck with your studying x

eLi dijo...

Feliz Año Nuevo! Si tengo que ser sincera... para mí hasta el 22 de enero estaré como tu!! llevo desdel 18 (cuando acabé la uni) con intensivos y estudio... y aún no tengo ni la mitad!! bueno ahora si qe me voy a estudiar!!
(Somos unas pringadas...¬¬')
Yo tbien espero qe este 2010 sea mejor que el anterior...

un beso wapa!!

mom & son dijo...

happy new year sweetie!
good luck on your studies.

p.s please let me know if you would
like to exchange links with me.

michelle_ dijo...

happy new year dear !
those cookies are sooo cute !

marvelous blog post !
keep me updated with ur new posts :D id love to check 'em out !

thanks for taking the time to comment and visit my blog .
visit / comment / follow me back at..
* GLISTERS and blisters *

yiqin; dijo...

Happy new year :) All the best!!

Anónimo dijo...

Feliz 2010! coincido contigo, el pasado no fue tan malo pero creo que éste puede ser aún mejor.
Y yo estoy igual que tú, con los exámenes de Derecho en Enero, que asco, verdad? :P
Tengo muchas ganas de que pase este mes volando, y luego te vas a Paris!!! qué bien, es una ciudad preciosa! (L)

un bso y suerte con los exams!

Kata Wagner Berg dijo...

Happy New Year!

Send u luck for your exams!

audrey dijo...

good luck for your exams :)
it was the same for me but i've just finished them, i'm feeling better now lol

have a nice day!

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