miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2009

About me

Blue jeans Bershka, Boots, gray cardigan and Necklace from Blanco, Shirt from Zara.

So the always so girly Petra tagged me to list seven things about me, so here I go:

- I've always been obsessed with shoes, when I was like 6, I had this shoes with a little heel I loved because of the noise they made while walking. When I grew and I couldn't fit them anymore, I cried a lot.

- I have two little brothers who are extremely handsome. Not so well behaved though.

- I adore make up. I have tones of make up I don't use, but I can't help but buy more. Beautiful colors and the lovely bottles...

- I've been discussing with myself what to do next year. I have to decide what career I'm gonna study, and I can't choose between Law or Publicity&Public Relations. Any advice?

- I love the sea, spending time at the beach and swimming... It just feels great.

- I live in a city really close to Barcelona. Like ten minutes away by car. It's called Sant Cugat and it is where my school is, though I spent most of my spare time in Barcelona, as my boyfriend and some of my friends live there and it's a better place to go out at nights.

- When I was a kid I dreamed of being a fashion designers. But let dreams be dreams...

I tag Toosexyformyshirt, Jamiewearsblack, Songofstyle, Handitover, lifebyIda, Girlnextblog and Houseofstyle.

24 comentarios:

Juliet dijo...

Que guapa!!:)
me gusta muchisimo tu look!
genial la camiseta!

Un besazo!:)

C.B. dijo...

El look genial! Las botitas son ideales!

Y a mi me costó decidir que estudiar. Y si sé lo que voy a estudiar es porque me tengo que ir fuera de españa para hacerlo!

Mis padres son los dos abogados, asi que siempre he querido estudiar eso, pero al final pense... uff... demasiado estudiar!!

Song of Style dijo...

i absolutely heart the beach too.
too bad SF beaches aren't as great as the ones in LA

Bonnie Klyde dijo...

I love your scarf and I can relate to the shoe incident. when I was little I had the perfect pair of gold flats and they made me feel like a prince. I grew out of them by the time I was 4 and when I found out I cried.

Montse dijo...

Vas muy senzilla y mona! Lista para una infinidad de planes!

cashmere bullet dijo...

Love the beach too.. oh how I would love to be there right now.. beautiful post.

ana b. dijo...

That's so generous of you to call your brothers handsome! I'd call mine a pain in the butt ;)

Twiggy Mod dijo...

Oh my word, you are adorable :)


DaisyChain dijo...

love the photos, and great answers =)

Couture Carrie dijo...

Beautiful photos, and loved reading more about you!


MJ. dijo...

De Sant Cugat???
Jo visc a Sant Quirze els caps de setmana (amb els meus pares...) i durant la setmana a Bcn que és on estudio :P
Pel consell de la carrera...jo ho vaig decidir 2 hores abans que es tanqués el plaç per insciure's...so...just wait till inspiration comes!:P Though I'll choose law :)


Daphne dijo...

lovely photos! and outfit!

hey thanks for the comment on Mona Moda!

come to visit my other blog


michelle dijo...

You're so cute :3 I have too much unused makeup too...just can't get enough!

essence dijo...

Qué fotos! Preciosas, me gusta el look,


Stacy dijo...

I'd study law. You can always jump into PR.

The Man Who Knew Too Much dijo...

Hi! I see you are living in Barcelona? I love that city!

Nice style as well :)

xs dijo...

gotta love tags. i enjoyed learning more about you!

Anónimo dijo...

cool pictures, gives a cool vibe. when i read through what you wrote, it reminds me a lot of what i think as well. haha, nice.
keep it up! bec

yiqin; dijo...

The scarf is a nice addition to the look1 :)

La Couturier dijo...

I love learning more about fellow bloggers =]. As for your last one, it can become real!

La C.

Marian dijo...

honey thanks for the fab info on you! you are so lucky to live near the sea sweetie. Hey you should go after your dreams,if fashion design is,you should do it honey!
muah x

kaitlyn dijo...

i would kill to live as close to barcelona as you do.

caiushia dijo...

lovely photos! and gosh, I'd love to live so close to Barcelona!!

miky dijo...

i love the old tipe of photo!