lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

Treat concert at Razzmatazz

So on Saturday I went to a concert at Razzmatazz, a friend of mine was playing with his group, Treat, and they really rocked it. So fun :). Razzmatazz is in Barcelona, it is divided in few rooms, the rooms are for concerts ( The Killers was supposed to play there in March ) and later at night they open as a discotheque.

Martí, singer of Treat.

Irene and I. Go and visit her blog : !

Boyfriend and I.

I wore:
Scarf - Stradivarius
Black-Broad Shirt- Pull&Bear
Jeans - Don't remember LoL
Converse all Stars
Earrings - Six

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Fashion Tidbits dijo...

coolness! i love concerts

Sunniva dijo...

Looks so much fun! Like the photos :)

Cindiddy dijo...

awww cute pics!!! looks like you had fun! => =>

thanks for coming by !!!!!!!

cute blog btw =>

Swank Heights dijo...

hot couple alert =P

Bella dijo...

Fab. Looks like a great time... and I love the first image.


Fleurr De Lux dijo...

awwww so cute. lovely lovely lovely
xo M

Krystal dijo...

those photos are adorable!

withasianstereotypes dijo...

Ahhhhhhhhhh! you're so cute and AHHHHHHH you and you boyfriend are so lovely together! Love the outfit :3

&hearts, withasianstereotypes

TheMinx dijo...

such a cute outfit (and boyfriend lol). Looks like you had fun!

coco dijo...

I love both of your scarves. They are very pretty.

Mary-Laure dijo...

How cool!

I also like your friend's Mickey Mouse t-shirt!

The Socialite dijo...

Awe cute pic of you & your bf! Fun stuff. I haven't been to a concert in so long, I'm missing out.

Angela dijo...


And you are beautiful! :D

Mariëlle dijo...

Awww how cute is that photo of you and your bf! Love your outfit by the way - it suits the occasion very well!


darling i love the scarf,its so vibrant!

Ess Elsie. dijo...

love both your scarves!

and you and your bf are ADORABLE.

Trendy Gourmandise dijo...

beautiful scarf