miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

Chocolate, Milk, and Cinnamon.

Ok, So making a blog was a difficult decision. Is it gonna be successful? Or is it gonna be a failure? (quite traumatic would it be) Am I going to be able to keep uploading or I'll just quite in a second? My point finally was that a blog could be a nice way of sharing my passions: fashion, music, art, life, and, above all, craziness. So, here I am.
And as someone once said...

3 comentarios:

girl next blog dijo...

Per què no t'hauria de comentar?
(encara no ho he entès xd)
en fi, que molta sort amb el blog
i que aquest cap de setmana ja saps què toca... corona!

The Socialite dijo...

Cheeers and welcome to the blog world! ;)

Fashion Tidbits dijo...

welcome abroad :)